Light in the Sky (First Christmas Day)

Gorgeously sung by Donna Valentine, the co-writer of this Christmas song.

Light in the Sky (First Christmas Day)/b>
by Gabriel Heiser/Donna Valentine

Shepherds keeping watch
Well into the night
Angels came to earth
To point them to the light
Kings and Wise men traveled a long, long way from home
To witness for themselves this holy sight

A light in the sky
Shone through the night
As time went by
It faded from sight
Moons grow dim and stars may die
But nothing can erase a love so bright
As when the world in solemn stillness lay
On the morn of that first Christmas Day

People came for days
To see her newborn son
Bringing gifts to give
To the Holy One
The cry of darkness of the night was broken like the dawn
By a star that blazed as brightly as the sun

(repeat Chorus)

Holy baby
God’s own son
Light in this world
For everyone
(repeat Chorus)

© 2005 by K. Gabriel Heiser and Donna Galbraith All Rights Reserved

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