Late Bloomer

An old-fashioned song, featuring Margaret from Zen Poets, on vocals. Lyrics by Jeff Walter.

Late Bloomer

There’s somethin’ ’bout a smoky bar, 2 a.m.
My juices start to flow, I catch my second wind
And suddenly, I’m at my best
I’m a late bloomer, I guess

Order up another round, get in the mood
There’s nothing I like more than singing for you
So stick around, I think you’ll be impressed
I’m a late bloomer, I guess

Some folks peak too early
Others take their time
Oh, baby, I’m just getting warmed up
And you’re about to catch me in my prime

Ain’t no need to hurry now, tomorrow can wait
After all, it’s just another day
But tonight is special, and it ain’t over yet
I’m a late bloomer, I guess
I’m a late bloomer, you bet
I’m a late bloomer, oh yes

By Gabe Hizer / Jeff Walter © 2012 Hizer Music / Jack and Jenny Music

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