Lushly orchestrated song about love, longing, and the sea....


They say the river runs deep I don’t know what that means.
Love is a vessel running wild to a raging sea.
Caught in the ebb and flow it runs endlessly
Into a harbor lying just beyond my reach.

Where’s the haven for the heart tossed about in love’s storm?
A distant light shining guiding me to one of her shores?
I’d sail the world, o I would search for evermore
And chart a course for the harbor I’ve been looking for.

The tide rolls in
On crashing waves
Beneath the stars
Her memory drifts away, drifts away….

Here in the crimson light of an overcast dawn
I can see the warning signs I can hear her voice call.
Like a siren haunting me with her song,
I’ll navigate toward a harbor and to the unknown.

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