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When She Came to Me

Rock groove, strong hook, love song. Download
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Don’t Ask Why

After a breakup, your friends pester you, wanting to know all the details, but you may not even be sure yourself. All you know is that you are sad, but hopeful for the future…a rainbow in the sky! Download
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Baby, Don’t Go

Syncopated New Orleans beat song with cool piano solo. Download
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All Because of You

Rockin’ boogie-woogie blues! Produced by Shay Watson Download
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Late Bloomer

An old-fashioned song, featuring Margaret from Zen Poets, on vocals. Lyrics by Jeff Walter. Download
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Backwater Blues

First song I wrote for my band, Zen Poets. A blues-rocker! Full band production. Download
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Give Me One More Chance

Puh-leeze, baby, take me back! Just give me one more chance! I’ll be good, I promise! Old-style shuffle blues played on the Agile resonator guitar! Full band production. Lota piano. Download
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The Lord Said to Noah

Based on the real biblical story! Pull out yer King James, chillun, and follow along! A rockin’ version of the Noah story, with resonator guitar. Download
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