Featured Songs

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Tryin’ to Leave Your Lover

Tryin’ to leave your lover is definitely easier said than done!


I lived just outside Boulder, CO, for five years and still think back to those Rocky Mountain foothills…A very folky finger-pickin’ song.

My Heart

Soul-inflected pop tune with strong chorus.

Reso Song

Bluesy song played on the resonator guitar.

There Are Those

There are some who wander on their own, independent free beings. What price do they pay for such freedom?


Electric guitars, inspired by Tom Petty. I get to use my new ESP 1000 (similar to a Les Paul) with my Vox AC-30. Nice vocal harmonies, too.

I Never Thought

What’s that longing we all feel inside us, that propels us forward? Really pretty two-guitar harmonies on this one.

Not Enough Beer and Wine

Two-chord song? Good grief! Well, it’s appropriate to the subject matter, a no-hold-barred college party sing-along drinking song!

About Time

Sometimes you look in the mirror and there’s a NEW WRINKLE there that wasn’t there yesterday! Well, it’s “about time” isn’t it?